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Circulation Pump Industry Knowledge Extension

What Is a Circulation Pump and How Does It Work?

The circulation pump is a pump used to circulate liquid. It is commonly used in ponds, spas, aquariums, heating systems, air conditioning systems, etc. To ensure fluid flow and circulation to maintain system stability and efficiency. The circulation pump is also widely used in industrial production processes, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and other industries. They are usually driven by electric motors that move fluid from one location to another through pipes, allowing the fluid to circulate through the system.
The working principle of the circulation pump is based on physical and mechanical principles. Generally speaking, circulation pump is composed of two parts, the motor and the pump body.
When the motor is activated, it draws liquid from one location through the rotating device (such as impeller, screw, plunger, etc.) in the pump body, and then pushes it to another location. In this process, the liquid enters the pump body through the suction pipe in the pump body, and then passes through the rotating device in the pump body and is pushed into the discharge pipe.
The driving force of the circulation pump comes from the rotating device, which converts the kinetic energy of the liquid into pressure energy so that the liquid flows in the pipeline. The design of the circulation pump usually takes into account the delivery flow, pressure, noise, energy consumption and other factors of the liquid to improve its performance and efficiency.

What Are the Structural Components of the Circulating Pump?

A circulation pump usually consists of the following parts:
1. Pump body: The main part of the circulation pump, usually made of cast iron, stainless steel and other materials.
2. Impeller: The impeller is the core component of the circulating pump, and its rotation drives the fluid to generate flow. Depending on the type of pump, the structure of the impeller is also different.
3. Guide vane ring: The guide vane ring is used to guide the fluid into the impeller and plays a key role in the performance and efficiency of the circulator pump.
4. Bearing support: The rotation of the circulating pump needs to carry a certain load, so it is necessary to install bearing supports to reduce the friction and wear of the pump.
5. Seals: The seals of the circulating pump are used to prevent fluid leakage, usually divided into mechanical seals and packing seals.
6. Driving device: The driving device of the circulating pump is generally a motor, which transmits the power of the motor to the pump body through the connecting shaft to drive the impeller to rotate.
7. Filter: In order to prevent the circulating pump from being polluted by impurities and particles during use, a filter is usually installed at the inlet, which can filter out impurities and particles to protect the safe operation of the circulating pump.

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