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How Does QY Oil-Filled Submersible Pump Work?

The working principle of QY oil-filled submersible pump is to combine the motor and the water pump, agitate the liquid by rotation and use centrifugal force to extract water or other liquids from wells, rivers, reservoirs or other water sources. The pump is usually fully submerged in water, so it can achieve high pumping efficiency.
During the working process, the motor drives the impeller to rotate, and the liquid rotates accordingly and is agitated, and then pushed to the outlet of the pump by centrifugal force. The inlet part of the pump is usually installed with some screens to prevent the pump from being blocked by pollutants. At the same time, QY oil-filled submersible pump reduces the temperature of the motor through liquid cooling, thereby prolonging its service life.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of QY Oil-Filled Submersible Pump Compared to Other Types of Water Pumps?

QY oil-filled submersible pump is a water pump commonly used in rural water supply, urban water supply and drainage and other fields. Compared with other types of water pumps, it has the following advantages and disadvantages:
1. Can be installed directly in water, no need for pipes or pools, easy to install;
2. Since the submersible pump is completely surrounded by water during operation, the noise of the pump body is reduced and the interference to the surrounding environment is reduced;
3. The motor part of the oil-immersed submersible pump is oil-immersed, which has a good heat dissipation effect and long service life;
4. It can handle liquids containing solid particles such as sediment and sundries;
5. It can effectively reduce the floor space and maintenance cost of the pump room.
1. Since the oil-immersed submersible pump needs to be refueled, regular maintenance and maintenance are required, and the oil in the oil tank also needs to be replaced regularly;
2. Oil-immersed submersible pumps require a high installation depth and generally require deep wells to be excavated. Factors such as the depth and diameter of the well need to be considered during installation;
3. Oil-immersed submersible pumps require a high starting current, which may have a large impact on the power grid when starting.

What are the characteristics of QY Oil-Filled Submersible Pump?

1.Oil-Filled Design: The most distinctive characteristic of QY pumps is their oil-filled design. These pumps are specifically engineered to handle water contaminated with oil or hydrocarbons. The oil-filled construction helps prevent direct contact between the pumped water and the motor, protecting the motor from potential damage caused by the oil.
2.Motor Protection: The oil-filled design provides effective protection for the pump's motor against potential oil exposure and contamination. This protection extends the motor's lifespan and reduces maintenance requirements.
3.Corrosion Resistance: Many QY pumps are constructed using materials that are corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability and longevity even when handling oil-contaminated water.
4.Explosion-Proof Option: Some models of QY pumps may come with explosion-proof features, making them suitable for hazardous environments where volatile gases or fumes are present.
5.Efficient Oil Separation: QY pumps are designed to efficiently separate oil and water, ensuring that the oil remains contained and does not interfere with the pump's operation.
6.Versatility: While designed for oil-contaminated water, QY pumps are versatile and can handle various types of water, including clean water, wastewater, and sewage. This versatility makes them useful in a range of applications.
7.Oil Detection and Alarm: Some models of QY pumps may be equipped with oil detection and alarm systems. These systems can alert operators if oil levels exceed a certain threshold, helping to prevent potential issues.
8.Submersible Design: Like other submersible pumps, QY pumps are designed to be immersed in the water they are pumping. This eliminates the need for priming and reduces the risk of cavitation.
9.Sturdy Construction: The construction of QY pumps is designed to withstand the mechanical stress and potential abrasion that can occur when handling oil-contaminated water.
10.High-Efficiency Impellers: The pumps are often equipped with high-efficiency impellers that ensure optimal flow rates and pressure capabilities.

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