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Vortex Pump(QB) Industry Knowledge Extension

What Are the Advantages of Scroll Pumps over Other Types of Pumps?

Compared with other types of pumps, scroll pumps have the following advantages:
1. Handling solid particles: The impeller of the scroll pump does not directly contact the liquid, so it can handle liquids containing a large amount of solid particles, such as sewage treatment and other fields.
2. Good self-cleaning performance: When the scroll pump is running, the liquid generates strong centrifugal force and vortex during the rotation process, which can automatically clean out the dirt in the pipeline, so as to maintain the performance of the scroll pump.
3. Can handle gas-containing liquids: The design structure of the scroll pump enables it to handle gas-containing liquids, such as gas-liquid separation in the chemical and petroleum industries.
4. Low noise: Scroll pumps run more smoothly than other types of pumps and are therefore quieter.
5. Energy saving: Scroll pumps are designed with less energy loss, and compared to other types of pumps, scroll pumps are more energy efficient.
6. Low maintenance cost: Due to the simple structure of the scroll pump, there is no need to replace the wearing parts frequently, so the maintenance cost is low.

What Are the Structural Features of the Vortex Pump?

The structural features of vortex pump mainly include the following aspects:
1. No mechanical seal: The vortex pump has no rotating parts in its construction and therefore does not require a mechanical seal. This makes the vortex pump last longer and requires less maintenance and upkeep.
2. Simple rotor structure: The rotor structure of vortex pump is simpler than traditional centrifugal pumps, consisting of a flat plate and a guide vane fixed on the shaft. This structural design makes the pump have high reliability and stability.
3. Not easy to block: The inlet and outlet of vortex pump are designed very simply, without complicated inlet and outlet conduits and rotating parts, so it is not easy to block, and is suitable for transporting solid particles or viscous liquids.
4. High efficiency and energy saving: The rotor structure of vortex pump makes it have high efficiency. At the same time, because there is no mechanical seal, the friction loss is small, which can reduce energy consumption and operating costs.
5. Low speed: The speed of vortex pump is generally low, so it has less noise and vibration, and it can also reduce the wear and failure rate of the pump.

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